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Schaffas 2
AGDA Awards Poster
Irving Baby – Sweet 16
Muggsy Webb
Dumpster Biennale 2011
Dumpster Biennale 2012
Ron Artist
Adelaide Central Markets
Custom Munny Toys
Minima Hotel Room

This Illustration is a response to the quote “No problems with Adelaide. I go there whenever I need Torana or Cortina parts.” It appeared as a Call-For-Entries and an appeal to come to Adelaide for the AGDA Awards in October. The creatures each get their form from a different car part, suggesting that Torana and Cortina car parts are so prevalent in Adelaide that they have evolved into living, breathing creatures worthy of scientific documentation. 

Screamdance were one of 9 South Australian artists/ photographers selected for this project, each interpreted a different quote. To see the rest of the posters click here.

The poster won best illustration in the 2009 'Adelaide Art and Design Club' awards. To view it in full click here.

Love Sick Title