Nameless Fellow
This fine gentleman doesn’t have a name. He does, however, have the nicest yellow buttocks you are ever likely to see. Feel free to touch them, if you’d like. They’re smooth, but hard. Oh yes! Those yellow, yellow buttocks. If you choose to adopt this delicate, sensitive little critter, won’t you please consider naming him? He requires two names: one for everyday use and common knowledge, and another secret name that must never be spoken aloud, for fear of breaking his heart and making his yellow buttocks turn blue.When you decide upon these names, please send the first to Luku via email {}, and please write the second on a piece of paper which must be immediately burned and destroyed. Your secrecy and tact in this difficult matter is greatly appreciated.

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Luku (kukukuku)
Luku works in a cave. He has a computer, and some other things there. It’s nice. You’d probably like it.

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