The Child of Erin L. E. Pattee
Value $348,362,994,25 AUD
Dated 14/05/89
Sponsored by PG&E
Pacific Gas and Electric Company - the happy $28 billion gas and electric company were so kind to sponsor Erin's youngest child along with hundreds of other children in the Hinkley (ZCTA) region of California. Sponsoring their water and providing them enough Chromium 6 to maintain a healthy, shiny glow that kids need these days. Using the most organic Chromium 6 combined with sustainable yummy toxins and other pollution bi-products. These glowing babies are valued in the 3-4 million dollar price rang for a limited time only. Guaranteed to be extremely ill and with a life expectancy of 2 years its a steal. Its that temporary child for potential parents who only want a child for a limited time only. Drink PG&E Chromium VI – Stay Sarcinogenic™. Available in 300ml and 1L bottle at your nearest outlet.

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Adelaide, South Australia

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